SweatFest™ has been 6 years in the making!

We are SweatFest

SweatFest™ is a fresh, new and exciting fitness, health and wellbeing festival (with a twist) to hit the UK festival scene.  

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6 Years in a drawer on paper!

SweatFest™ began life on an A4 piece of paper back in 2016 and pretty much remained that way until May 2022. The brainchild of Craig & Jordan (pictured) who at that time had been running RiKaSysTemZ® Fitness for a few years.  They wanted to create something a little bit different but still with that fitness festival feel.

An Idea Needs a Team!

It was all good and well having the idea but from experience, Craig knew that to bring SweatFest™ to life, the time had to be right and more importantly, the team had to be right.  It wasn't until May 2022 that the team came fully into effect.  Craig and Jordan met Ben & Lisa from Titan Performance Gyms and began work immediately.  There was an existing mutual relationship between everybody with Sara Da Silva and Simon Monahan and between everybody we brought SweatFest to life.

The Twist...

What's different about SweatFest™? Well, Craig has been in the fitness industry for 30 years and has been to various exhibitions and festivals.  What he noticed was that it was mostly all about the big players in the industry.  So what SweatFest™ aims to do is champion the small to medium businesses out there.  Not just the fitness elements but also within the Market Zone at SweatFest™ we want small businesses to showcase themselves and show people what they have to offer.